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Being A Maker

Hey this is me working away in my studio! Nice to meet you!!

When I was a small girl listening to Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton records in my dad’s studio asking him “what stone is this? And “what are you making?” I could have never imagined that I would be taking after him and becoming a jeweler and maker. In my 30’s I started apprenticing with him, going to his studio high in the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico a few times a week, learning the ins and outs of my craft, see picture on the left. Now I have my own mountain studio at 7200 feet, see the picture below on the right! 

I have been inspired by so many things in my life, including my clients, carefully taking in their suggestions and observing what lights them up. I take my formal fine arts education, a dash of rock and roll, some sad country songs, and continue to learn more about my craft all the time.

I use ancient metalsmithing techniques to make modern designs. My process is slow, deliberate, and distinctive. I am motivated by my materials - recycled metals, stunning stones, timeless shapes, tradition, and organic or made textures. By working with lapidary artists from around the world I hand select every gemstone for its intrinsic radiance and feel. 

Throughout my career as a jeweler, I have witnessed the power of jewelry to mark an important event, assist as a talisman for change, protection, or security, symbolize marriage and be a kind of magic wand that makes someone feel sassy and sparkly. And that is why I create jewelry with artistry especially for you!! I want to be a collaborator in your expressive journey because I know you will wear it well. 

DezbahMaker jewelry for the adventurer in you that exudes uniqueness, creativity, expression, and magic. Oh and my name? It's Dezbah, which means how a woman creates her destiny. It comes from the San Carlos Apache language and I am proud to carry it. My mother is Apache and kept me connected to our culture growing up. 

The inspiration from my limited collections and one-of-a-kind pieces come from; celestial phenomena, metal antiquities, travel, folk art, mythology, ritual, rock and roll, and the Southwestern landscape. I make each piece one at a time just for you! 🌟