Friends! I'm in Tucson until February 6th. Any orders may be delayed, please contact me if you need any further information.

About Me


Hello! So glad you're here.🌟

Let's cut right to the chase: I believe in the value of being different. I think that individuality is something to be celebrated and cherished and that expressing your own unique energy is what makes life beautiful. My goal is to help you find a piece of jewelry that will help you express your style and good taste—and show off something no one else has.  

I know what you're thinking: "But I already have so much jewelry!" I hear ya. I do too (but I will never accept it is too much!). But we believe that everyone has room on their body for something unique, something that no one else has. Something that you can wear as a talisman to bring out your own unique energy and magic.

With Dezbahmaker, you can get exactly that—something magical and special that will help you feel like YOU.

I create all my jewelry by hand in my studio in Santa Fe, NM. My creations are rooted in Southwest design with a contemporary edge. All are handcrafted by me and I take pride in each piece I create. I graduated from The School of the Art Institute where I was exposed to elevated design and art. It only made me appreciate my roots and San Carlos Apache/European American heritage more. And to appreciate the great Southwestern landscape and let it sink into my work.