Friends! I'm in Tucson until February 6th. Any orders may be delayed, please contact me if you need any further information.

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Artisan Crafted

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One of a kind pieces- each handmade in Santa Fe give you something uniquely yours

I pride myself on artistry and using quality materials.

Thick gauge metals, hand selected gemstones cut by independent artisans make my work have a weight and presence.

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Dezbah's pieces are not only jewelry, they are art. One feels connected to something deeper when wearing one of her creations!

After purchasing my first piece of DezbahMaker, I knew I was going to be a collector!

Jessica Savage, Interior Designer

I am madly in love with the Seer’s Crystal necklace that Dezbah made me. I am quite the jewelry collector and this necklace gets a LOT of “air time” on my body! The quality of the her gemstones are out of this world and Dezbah’s ability to craft a gorgeous setting and “home” around a stone is amazing and oh so beautiful.

I have actually taken a lot of photos wearing this piece and I always feel like a powerhouse in it. I think the thing I love most about her work—is the heart and love that goes into each piece. She’s a true master.

Thank you, Dezbah, for helping me altar myself with your gifts and abilities.

Wendy Havlir Cherry, Author Mistress of Longing

I am obsessed with Dezbah's jewelry! I have been buying pieces (rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants) here and there over the years. They are the jewels that I reach for over and over again. They are beautiful, lovingly crafted, and just feel good on the body.  

Karen Ware, Indigenous Educator Corps Director at the NACA Inspired Schools Network

The Love of Vintage Jewelry

Coming soon! Read all about my love of vintage Southwest jewelry and how it influences my work.